Electra Reconciliation

Outdated, inefficient workflows. Erroneous or incomplete data. High overhead costs. Investment managers routinely take on these and other unnecessary risks throughout the reconciliation process. As complexity and trading volumes increase, the problem further intensifies, leaving firms burdened with low productivity and other hurdles to scaling the business and meeting investor demands.

Electra Reconciliation helps buy-side firms and service providers mitigate the risk, cost and inefficiencies prevalent across reconciliation, exception management and the entire post-trade process. Designed specifically for the asset management industry, its comprehensive data catalog and patented, intelligent workflow and integration give firms exceptional power to focus valuable time and resources on strengthening competitive differentiation and driving business growth.

Provides Scalability and Transparency Across the Firm

Electra Reconciliation eliminates siloed investigations by intelligently integrating relevant data across departments – from the core reconciliation team to accounting, finance, corporate actions, collateral, settlements, and treasury/cash management. Our patented technology provides the scalability, transparency and collaboration firms need to quickly adapt to changes in trading and investment strategies, asset classes, counterparties and trading volumes.

Expedites Exception Management and Research Processes

Electra Reconciliation intelligently and dynamically integrates positions, transactions and cash processing – as well as, collateral and margin reporting, failed trades, security lending, pending trades and corporate actions – within one workflow. On a single screen, users can see all exception activity and identify the cause and impact of exceptions.

Accelerates Investigations and Improves Transparency

By supporting various reconciliation activities across the middle and back offices, Electra Reconciliation fosters collaboration between your firms’ different teams and staff throughout the entire transaction lifecycle – and beyond. Through our integrated research data and cross-referencing logic, your firm can reduce the time and effort of investigating why breaks occur and improve transparency across operations functions.

Reduces Risk with Immediate Exception Resolution

Electra Reconciliation’s intraday reconciliation capabilities enables immediate exception resolutions by identifying and excluding duplicate data, and allowing true reconciliation updates to enter the workflow. This eliminates the need to import erroneous exceptions, saving valuable time to investigate. Electra Reconciliation also safeguards the integrity of the investigation audit trail as well as record keeping throughout the day.

Enhances Speed and Accuracy – Regardless of Volume and Complexity

Our true n-way reconciliation capability supports growing volume and complexity of internal and external data sources by reconciling any number of sources simultaneously. Electra Reconciliation improves speed, accuracy and efficiency by allowing users to quickly and seamlessly compare large volumes of data and multiple, unique data sets within the same view.



  • Supports all security types across multiple systems and counterparties
  • Patented technology that integrates transactions, positions and cash
  • Expedites investigations by aggregating common types of research data
  • Enables fast comparisons and simultaneous reconciliation across multiple data sets
  • Supports system-to-system, P&L, collateral, security master, pricing and other activities
  • Integrates with the Electra Data aggregation service and various vendor applications
  • Detects and alerts staff of trades at risk of failing via integration with Electra FailSafe®
  • Available as a Managed Service combining Electra Data, reconciliation processing and support


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