Electra Data

A fully outsourced service that aggregates, normalizes and delivers accurate, reliable data on securities, cash positions, transactions and investigations from 1,300+ global sources

Tailored, Validated Data

Captures and validates data from external global sources at any frequency, regardless of format and protocol, then consolidates, normalizes, reformats, enriches and delivers it automatically

Expansive Dataset
Our robust, high-quality dataset features for than more than 3,300 feeds to drive multiple workflows, from reconciliation and compliance, to corporate actions and securities finance
Post-Trade Efficiency
Gives your firm improved access and easier integration with all your applications while streamlining reconciliation, fee billing, and other middle- and back-office workflows

Eliminating the pain of manual processes and delays, format changes, website updates, password expiration and other issues associated with acquiring and aggregating data.

Electra Data supports reconciliation, NAV, fund accounting, performance, compliance, client fee billing – and many more processes and workflows to save your firm time, cost and risk. Our service moves about $20 trillion in assets daily, representing more than 110,000 accounts with an average account size of over $150 million.


Get better, faster data that adds value to your entire post-trade process.

Learn How Electra Data Can Save You Time, Cost and Risk.

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Electra Data

Tailored and Validated Data – Delivered Automatically

Electra Data collects and validates a wide variety of data from your third-party providers at any frequency, regardless of format and protocol. It then consolidates, normalizes, reformats and enriches data, and delivers it automatically in a format customized to your firm’s systems specifications over a secure network, or via a unified API on-demand.

More Efficient Investigations

We collect all the data points available from any data provider using an open format, making our data-set more robust than any SWIFT data provided through a standard message format. As a result, Electra Data saves unnecessary investigation work by eliminating the ambiguity of SWIFT 535 and 940/950 messages – even for complex asset classes such as derivatives.

Streamlined Reconciliation and Client Fee Billing

Electra Data allows you to further automate and improve your reconciliation and billing processes when used with our Electra Reconciliation and/or Electra Billing solutions by collecting information on accounts, as-of dates and audited market values – plus asset classes, if required – from your custodians or your internal accounting system.

Easier Integration

By placing all data elements from all sources in one electronic format for automatic delivery, Electra Data ensures easier integration with all your internal applications.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Real-Time Data Insights

The Electra Data service includes the Data Dashboard, a unique, value-added online tool for viewing summary and detail status information on all your data feed files in real time – including update status, file types and sizes, accounts, date and time stamps, and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Supports a wide range of data types and workflows
Flexible: Start with any number of data suppliers and accounts
Normalized custodian data enables easier integration with internal applications
Gives users the power to add custom calculations
Allows users to instantly view file status and other information
Streamlines reconciliation, billing, compliance and other processes