Electra Data

Delays, format changes, website updates and password expiration – and a myriad of other issues associated with data acquisition – cost both time and money. Electra Data, an automated, high-quality data acquisition service, is the answer to these problems.

Electra Data, previously titled RecCollect, is a complete source for accurate, reliable data that provides consolidated securities, cash position and transaction information from more than 2,900 feeds from global custodians, prime brokers, broker/dealers, subadvisors, counterparties and other financial institutions. The solution is a comprehensive service that supports every aspect of your operation, further reducing manual processes and the associated cost and risk.

Electra Data collects information from all of your sources, at any frequency, regardless of format and protocol – including any and all asset types – then consolidates, normalizes, reformats and enriches data, and delivers it over a secure network.

Coupled with Electra Reconciliation, Electra Data provides a seamless solution for automating the investment management reconciliation process.

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