Electra Reconciliation 5 Release Notes Version 5.5.14



  • Import
    • Combine – Added the ability to allow combining with Matched data. If a matched item is found to be combined with, the match is broken prior to performing the combine. This Combine option is added at the Manager and individual Bank level. STAFIVE-6046


  • Workspace
    • The “Show similar” (context menu) option window now displays Level and Source names instead of numbers. STAFIVE-6040


  • Reports
    • Adjusted Cash Balance Difference Report – Improved the report generation to better retrieve Account and Bank ID information when there is no underlying Cash Balance record. Also, the report will now display ### when there is more than one Account or Bank ID found for a given Client/Date/Currency. STAFIVE-5950
  • Workspace – Gadget 
    • Clicking on a graph element in a Gadget will open a smart search listing the proper data related to the graph element clicked on. STAFIVE-5948