Electra Managed Services

    For investment managers, maintaining a high level of accuracy and efficiency throughout the process of reconciling trades and collecting data is crucial to controlling risk. However, many firms struggle to manage their own system infrastructures while keeping manual processes low and team productivity high.

    Electra now provides a more flexible, cost-effective and low-impact option:  Electra Managed Services, a concierge service that supports crucial parts of your reconciliation processing as well as data collection. Electra Managed Services is ideal for firms who need experienced reconciliation professionals, skilled in a variety of asset types and adept at implementing best practices and workflows.

    • Simplify and optimize reconciliation and data collection
    • Alleviate staff skill and retention challenges
    • Boost team productivity
    • Re-purpose staff towards higher-value tasks

    An Essential Part of Your Operations Team

    Electra Managed Services functions as an extension of your operations team, giving you access to dedicated, highly skilled experts providing comprehensive coverage of your entire reconciliation process. Our team of industry veterans is equipped with the most intimate knowledge of the Electra Reconciliation solution, ensuring your process will always operate at peak efficiency following ever-evolving industry best practices.

    Electra Managed Services allows you to start your day already ten steps ahead. We start our day early to perform a series of rigorous checks on your automated overnight process including import validation checks, cash/holdings roll, and a review of significant cash proof outages.

    After a thorough first-pass on your reconciliation, our staff delivers a report package with a list of key items of focus, such as reference data updates on accounts, securities and transaction types; and missing account data from custodians. This allows your staff to jump-start their day and become productive immediately, enabling them to focus on true exceptions and higher-level tasks.

    Full Control – And 10 Steps Ahead

    When faced with outsourcing options, many firms find the high expense of full outsourcing place it far out of reach, while concerns around lack of process control take the option to outsource fully off the table.

    Electra Managed Services is different because your firm never loses control of its system, infrastructure or process. We leverage an unparalleled depth and breadth of people, technology and processes to help you establish a best-in-class experience that simplifies your reconciliation and data collection, boosts your team’s productivity, and scales to business growth. And because we do all the most tedious work before your staff gets their first cups of coffee, they’re able to spend their time on higher-value tasks.

    • Requires no software to install or IT staff to train
    • Reduces implementation time and high fixed costs
    • Scales up or down with a variable cost structure
    • Offers greater control over compliance and audit requirements

    Let your recon and operations teams do what they do best, by making Electra Managed Services an essential part of your team.


    • Seamless access to Electra Reconciliation and Electra Data
    • Full implementation and maintenance of your reconciliation environment
    • Rigorous checks on your automated overnight process
    • Thorough first-pass on your reconciliations early each morning
    • Creation and maintenance of export files for accounting
    • Ability to focus on true exceptions and high-value tasks
    • Timely, detailed reporting delivered to your team

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