Electra Managed Services

    Organizations looking to garner higher yields from complex asset class investments are routinely forced to rely on inefficient and inherently risky manual processes in operations, accounting and reporting.

    Limitations of middle- and back-office solutions for asset managers leave their all-important reconciliation process struggling to keep up with volumes and maintain a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Not to mention supporting these requirements with robust technology and expertise can quickly become arduous and expensive. Reconciliation is usually left for either under-trained staff, or experienced veterans who are already stretched thin and focused on more strategic functions. 

    That’s where Electra comes in. 

    Rapid, Cost-Effective and Efficient

    Electra's Managed Services for reconciliation is an ideal choice for companies who do not want to invest in their own IT staff, data centers, servers and other costly infrastructure. It provides rapid, cost-effective and highly efficient reconciliation processing and support in a secure hosted environment, without the high fixed costs of running it in-house. It also includes data aggregation services for all external parties such as banks, prime brokers, counterparties, and fund administrators.

    Secure Outsourcing that Keeps You in Control

    • Requires no software to install or IT staff to train
    • Provides seamless access to Electra Reconciliation
    • Reduces implementation time and high fixed costs
    • Scales up or down with a variable cost structure
    • Includes the Electra Data aggregation service
    • Staffed by highly skilled professionals
    • Ensures regular system updates, monitoring and maintenance
    • Offers greater control over compliance and audit requirements