Electra Managed Services

A flexible and scalable buy-side reconciliation processing service delivered by operations and data experts to ensure peak efficiency and control

Increases Productivity
Simplifies and optimizes reconciliation and data collection – increasing process efficiency and team productivity, while alleviating staff skill and retention challenges
Efficient & Cost-Effective
Takes the heavy lifting off your team, enabling you to re-purpose staff towards higher-value tasks, retain top talent, and reduce costs                                                                
Full Control
Gives you full control over your platform, process, and compliance and audit requirements, with the ability to scale up or down as needed                                     

Supporting crucial parts of your reconciliation process, including data collection and normalization, with a more flexible and cost-effective right-sourced option.

Electra Managed Services functions as an extension of your operations team, giving you access to dedicated, highly skilled experts providing comprehensive coverage of your entire reconciliation process. We begin early each day to take care of your most tedious tasks and prepare your team to focus only on true exceptions, starting with a series of rigorous checks on your automated overnight process.

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Learn how Electra Managed Services can transform your firm’s ability to optimize reconciliations and team productivity while scaling to transaction and business growth.

Learn how WCM Investment Management gained operational and cost efficiencies

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A Better Way to Manage Reconciliation and Data Aggregation.

Learn How Electra Managed Services Can Become an Essential Part of Your Team.

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Key Features

Provides seamless access to Electra Reconciliation and Electra Data
Delivers full implementation and maintenance of your reconciliation environment
Rigorously check on your automated overnight process
Provides a thorough first-pass on your reconciliations early each morning
Creates and maintains export files for accounting
Lets you focus on true exceptions and high-value tasks
Delivers timely, detailed reporting to your team